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Jenn M.// Widowed 18 months

This program was EVERYTHING.  I needed the  WHOLE thing. The financial team was amazing, the coaching was so hands-on and insightful, and just having someone who GOT me helped me get through every DAY. 

Paula // Widowed 2 years

Thank you for having me! I'm confident in this course and find myself ready to create a newness in the woman that I am! 

S. Robinson // Widowed 2 years

I was SO STUCK. I'm so glad I found this program. I was against coaching because I'd been to so many therapists with NO real help once I got back HOME to my real life. This was the game changer, because they could relate to what I was going thru in my REAL life, and could actually give me ANSWERS.  

Claudia // Widowed 4 years

I'm so excited to finally have a BLUEPRINT ( and follow it!) to create the ME I need to be ( and always wanted to be) Yay #NEXTME

Kristin B. // Widowed 2 years

The program changed my life - she is amazing - I am a living witness!! 

Mindy // Widowed 1.5 years

Thank you so much for showing us there IS light at the end of the tunnel - and that the tunnel leads to what's NEXT not to the END!

Chansley // Widowed 2 years

I want to take this moment and send a shout out to the amazing, the beautiful, my inspiration, author, real talk, find your purpose, my "Life Coach" Maya Tyler who is also now my friend, girlfriend, sis..You found me and through this journey you are helping me find myself..I love you girl💜 Happy Birthday 🎁

A. Rossi  // Widowed 4 years

I went from depression and hopelessness to finally getting a handle on this grief thing, this solo parenting thing, and this single household income thing! This program helped me organize plan and strategize it all!! I'm so much CLEARER now. Thank you! 

Jill M. // Widowed 2 years

Ever since stumbling into the Facebook group Finding NEXTYOU I have joined the program and become more alive and present in this life, with my kids and in control of my future - no regrets. So thank you!

Florine H. // Widowed 2 years

The one thing I learned that I would share with all widows out there is to make an investment in yourself!! Like you would do if you came into a large sum of money. The only difference is that this investment would give you years of return because the deposits have GREAT interests over time. Believe that you can truly bounce back better! I know I HAVE! 

Jasmian  // Widowed 2 years

"If you're trying to figure out WHAT DO I DO NEXT? or WHO AM I NOW after loss? Trust me, this course has been truly LIFE changing." - 

Joanna // Widowed 1.5 years

Thank you Maya Tyler for believing in Me! Let me tell you....God is working In Me and For Me! Be Encouraged! #TheHealingWidow

I'm SO Glad I found you on Instagram Land!

Calloway r. Widowed 4 years

You articulate the life of widowhood SO well, words I could never find - especially those early years. I'm so glad I found you on instagram land!! Anyone looking for a SIGN that maybe you should try this widow life coach thing - TRY IT NOW.  Self investment is WORTH IT. What better thing to invest in than your SELF? 

Wow . I'm so happy this platform was here. I was widowed almost 9 years ago this year with an 11 month old son. Praying for all you moms out there. Please believe you can do this - and if you can get the help GET IT. It's really worth every penny.

Ayanna S. // Widowed 9 years

I absolutely LOVE the phenomenal women on this team! Even though we had no children there was still the burden of starting over, losing everything, and planning what moving forward was even going to look like. This has truly moved me and I thank you. 

Emperia Q. // Widowed 2 years

So far I am right at the very end of week 3 - AND ALREADY, I have hope, renewed faith, and a decluttered closet that was once OURS, and is now definitively MINE. And I'm OKAY with that! It took me so much to get here!! Thank you!! 

Rosie J. // Widowed 18 months

OMG I'm so happy with all the things I learned working with this team! I've learned REAL acceptance, I've learned about myself, and who I AM now, and where I can USE that in my life!  Most importantly I've learned that my circumstance is NOT me. I am not it. That was SO powerful to me. 

Aleisha G. Widowed 3 years

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