International Widows Day 

Paperback Release:  June 23, 2023

About The Contributing Author

Dr. Serign Marong, Ph.D.

Dr. Marong, board certified family physician, father, husband, widower, and athlete, grew up in Eastern Washington in the town of Pullman. Pullman is the quintessential college town, where Washington State University (WSU) resides. For most people, your family either operates a farm or works for the university and his was the latter

Posting under the name, 'Dr. Serendipity.MD' on his social media, Serign frequently shares parts of his grief journey through videos. This has led to podcast interviews with people such as Michelle Williams, articles with Maria Shriver’s “The Sunday Paper,” as well as another book, “A Fatherless Curiosity.” He has been back practicing medicine for several years and has a thriving private practice in Tucson, AZ. Daily he finds that his grief journey is something he can share with patients, helping both of them with struggles in life. Outside of medicine his life is full shuttling kids around town for school and all their sports and activities.

About The Anthology

 I'm well aware, being a man, that there are stereotypes and expectations about men. Men are supposed to be strong. We’re supposed to push through pain and make things right. We’re supposed to fix things. We’re supposed to want the simplest, most logical solution for losing a wife, which would be to remarry, right? But the truth of it is, even for men, love (not logic) perseveres.

- Excerpt, Chapter: Messy, Unpredictable Loss...and Love

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