International Widows Day 

Paperback Release:  June 23, 2023

About The Contributing Author

Tiran Jackson

Tiran Jackson is a highly sought-after professional speaker, author, and life coach specializing in resiliency and grief recovery who helps audiences across the world achieve success during times of adversity. Since 2019, Tiran has been helping individuals and organizations work through their grief, loss, trauma, and overcoming challenging life circumstances.

Since 2019, Tiran has been leading others through his speaking, coaching, and teaching, delivering over 100 presentations, speeches, and workshops during that time. Tiran’s message focuses on resilience, and how to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. He teaches his audiences how to develop the skills needed to turn their challenges into opportunities and achieve success in life.

Tiran had the distinction of being the keynote speaker at Tennessee State University’s 2019 Scholarship Gala, at which he had the opportunity to create and dedicate a scholarship honoring the legacy of his former wife, Maleka Jackson, who the scholarship was named for.

He has had the privilege to present to New York Life, General Electric, Motive, Georgia Tech, Tennessee State University, Word of Faith Cathedral, as well as been featured on numerous newscasts, podcasts, and interviews in, as well as been featured in a documentary titled ‘Men of Courage’. He has also been featured in many magazines, including FEMI Magazine, Flourish Digital, The Atlantan, Next Generation Speakers, HBCU Times, and Dear Father’s to name a few.

Tiran's his first book, “Choosing Resilience: All Things Work Together for Good” is an Amazon bestseller, along with his co-authored “Who Wouldn’t Serve a God Like This?”, which includes a series of inspirational stories that reveal how to overcome our darkest struggles through God’s love, guidance, and comfort.

About The Anthology

So yes, I did remarry. [...] I did fit that stereotype. I want to add though, it's weird how women do this too. The difference is the stereotype leans toward men being only focused on having or needing a new wife, but when women remarry, she is regaining her “Happily Ever After”... getting a new life.

- Excerpt, Chapter: My Ship, My Story

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