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Official Release Date: August 18, 2022

About The Contributing Author

Dr. Tracy Wells

Creator and Founder of Widowhood & We-Freshments, teacher therapist, motivational speaker and Bestselling Author, Tracy Wells, was born in Bellwood, Illinois. She received her Bachelors in Liberal Arts from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Masters in Education-Special Education from Fontbonne University in Clayton, Missouri and Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Jones International University. Tracy has received multiple professional development certificates in regard to trauma-induced, conscious discipline and therapeutic crisis interventions.

Her mission is to encourage, to inform and to educate about the grief process from widowhood’s perspective. She accepts herself as is, and hopes to lead by example; her most often response to any setback being: “I am a work in progress!” 

Tracy has been known to speak on podcasts, Widowhood & We-Freshments and speak at Kingdom Apostolic Ministries International. While Tracy works full time as a therapeutic special education teacher, Tracy also enjoys creating funny, but therapeutic videos for Widowhood and We-Freshments, crocheting blankets/scarves, selling Mary Kay products, completing service projects with her sorority chapter Eta Chi Zeta-Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated and being a church member of Kingdom Apostolic Ministry International. She currently resides in Illinois with her two children, Caylee and Carmen.

About The Anthology

We've all heard the "tragedy to triumph" stories of people from all walks of life, how they suffered unimaginable pain and setbacks; only to magically rise up and change their lives for the better.

In widowhood - we see the same stories. People who turned their "pain into purpose" and bounced back - moving forward with new joys, new loves, and a renewed outlook on their next chapters of life.

What we don't hear about - is the TRUTH about "bouncing back"...

In this real and raw collection, 10 Christian women from different backgrounds, ages, and stages of widowhood reveal their journeys of self discovery, and uncover the very unexpected truth about 'bouncing back'.

 This encouraging compilation aims to connect to widowed people in the midst of their healing, and offers enlightenment and kinship in the journey of consistently (repeatedly!) bouncing back after spousal loss.

...In the realm of widowhood, as a foster parent - drowning is not an option. In other cases, you typically get the option to sink or to swim. That is not the case here. Although I have been fostering my children virtually since they were born, they still have emotional trauma that would be exacerbated by my own grief and triggers. So no, I don't have the freedom of giving up, or giving in. ...

- Excerpt, Chapter 7: "There’s Gotta Be Light At The End OF This Tunnel!"

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