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Official Release Date: August 18, 2022

About The Contributing Author

LaTonya Harris Jackson

LaTonya Jackson was born in Columbia, South Carolina.  She received her BA in Psychology from Charleston Southern University and received her MA in Counseling with an Emphasis in Mental Health from Webster University. LaTonya is a Licensed Addictions Counselor who has over 15 years of counseling experience in both substance abuse and mental health counseling. 

Ms. Jackson is known in her community as an engaging communicator with a proven track record in coordinating programs and community events. LaTonya has secured grants for training, and has developed a successful multifamily group curriculum.

LaTonya’s mission is to assist women and their families with grief to navigate in their new roles, and be able to function while being mentally and physically healthy. LaTonya is not only professionally qualified through education but through life experience, with  the loss of her husband just a year into the pandemic in 2021. 

While LaTonya works full time as a counselor she enjoys being a sports mom to her two boys. She also likes shopping, traveling, and planning. 

About The Anthology

We've all heard the "tragedy to triumph" stories of people from all walks of life, how they suffered unimaginable pain and setbacks; only to magically rise up and change their lives for the better.

In widowhood - we see the same stories. People who turned their "pain into purpose" and bounced back - moving forward with new joys, new loves, and a renewed outlook on their next chapters of life.

What we don't hear about - is the TRUTH about "bouncing back"...

In this real and raw collection, 10 Christian women from different backgrounds, ages, and stages of widowhood reveal their journeys of self discovery, and uncover the very unexpected truth about 'bouncing back'.

 This encouraging compilation aims to connect to widowed people in the midst of their healing, and offers enlightenment and kinship in the journey of consistently (repeatedly!) bouncing back after spousal loss.

...Life is full of so many plot twists and turns, and it never ceases to amaze me how literally life changing they can be. I just keep thinking about how it never crossed my mind what roles I’d have to play without him, and the labels I’d one day carry. I was so intentional with the labels I already had...

- Excerpt, Chapter 4:The Pandemic Stole More Than My Husband…"

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