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Great Purpose 

Build the Platforms

They Deserve.

Got an amazing message, culture-add or anthology project that NEEDS to be a book - but think you need millions of dollars, followers or years of experience to build one? Guess what? You dont. You can do this. We can help. 

3 Core Elements

Your Book NEEDS To Gain Traction:




Everyone has a purpose and a message to share with the world. Problem is, not everyone knows how to effectively translate the words in their heads into the language of the hearts! That's where we come in strong. Our writers are bestselling, award winning writers who specialize in beautifully written, engaging, coherent and clear writing that flows, context that connects, and concepts that capture the hearts of the desired reader. We've got that part COVERED.




Worried you don't have the clout you need to get noticed? We get it. You need your name to be spoken in rooms you've never been in - by people who've never met you. That's why every project we've worked, has included professional media exposure, strategic marketing - and has achieved Bestseller Status every time! No worries if you don't have those titles yet. We take your message seriously, so the WORLD will too.




How many times have you seen an amazing idea silenced by its unprofessional presentation? Every great book deserves a great production team. You want to change the game - you have to know the rules; eye-catching design, beautiful writing, and professional editing/ formatting services are a MUST HAVE for your project. Those are the rules - and that's what we follow!


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Choose from any combo of these services - or all of them!

We create custom packages and also have standard programs. 

Call us for a pricing consult today!


1:1 Coaching Learn how to write a compelling anthology story of 1500 words even if you aren’t sure what to write about or how to word it! Have a coach walk you through and hold you accountable to meet your goals, start to finish! 

Project Management:

Not sure where to start with your project, what the timelines should be and what actions go where to set yourself up for an amazing launch? Have no fear. We are here, dear! 

Ghost Writing

Rather have someone listen to your story and write it beautifully FOR YOU? Have a few anthologists on your project that have a great story but aren't writers? We've got you!

Copy Writing

Don't know what to SAY in your ads, posts or emails to entice your audience to slap those "buy" buttons? We do that too. 


Landing page

Need an online space to market and sell the paperback? We'll set that up for you-  so no tech required 

Website Options:

Already have a website! No problem. We can integrate your books, the funnel and the ads with your existing site! (Need a webpage? We can help with that too!)

Launch Strategy: 

Road2Release Guidebook + Coaching with templates, ideas, tips and strategies on how to Earn Income immediately before and after the book is published.

Social Media Post Templates

Plug-and-play, done for you post pics, templates and ideas, so all you have to do is upload and post to promote online. 


 Professional Publishing

All editing, formatting, layout professionally done once you finish writing. 

Bestseller Status 

Ready to be a BESTSELLING AUTHOR? Got it covered! We offer a package option of a guaranteed Bestseller ranking for your book, on Amazon - or your money back! Got some doors that could open for you? Can you say OPEN SESAME?

Amazon Author Page 

Ever wonder how people get listed on Amazon as official authors? We'll create and edit your author page, and help you leverage it to promote your book!

Audio Books Too!

 We guide you through the ACX (Amazon's Audible Publisher) process to help you narrate or choose a narrator, to create the audio book of your dreams! 

Anthology Management

With the Purpose2Platform Anthology Program, we create a project plan for you and your anthology members and present a clean, organized, step by step process! No muss, no fuss! We edit it, package it, and publish it - apply our magic to propel it to Best Seller... and viola! You're ALL best selling authors, you've had an amazing bonding experience, and now you're properly and effectively positioned as THE experts your audience and sponsors are looking for to create your platform the RIGHT way!

Solo Book Project Managment

Become A #1 Bestselling Author in 90 Days!:

Write and get your transformative published story with NO Complex DIY PublishingNO Long Frustrating Writing Process, and NO Hoping + Praying For Minimal Success! 

Choose a full service project where we stick with you from start to finish - or let us help you finish an existing project with our a la carte menu of services! Your story is someone else's survival guide! Let's GO!

Other Writing Services

Got a different project in mind? We also support:

  • Resumes
  • Landing Pages
  • Project Proposals
  • Brochures
  • Poetry Books
  • Children's Books
  • Media Placement
  • More!

Meet Maya Tyler

Your New Literary BFF

5X Bestselling Author, literary strategist, and inspirational writer, Maya Tyler, was born in Takoma Park, Maryland. She received her BS in Information Systems from Virginia State University and completed English and writing courses at the University of Connecticut. 

Maya founded P2P after publishing 3 bestselling books of her own, and with collaborators - and decided this was definitely something she could do to help those who wanted to do the same. She firmly believes that those who have an amazing story to share with the world - but don't think they have the clout, talent, or team to share their message with the world - deserve a fighting chance...

P2P was born with your fighting chance in mind.

Schedule a personalized 1:1 project brainstorm with Maya ASAP!  


How Much Will My Project Cost?

That all depends on the items you choose. We pride ourselves in working with people and their budgets, so the only things that go into your project are the things you NEED - and that work with what you have. We are also payment plan friendly. :)

What If I've Never Written A Book Before?

Everyone has to start somewhere! That's precisely why we offer 1:1 coaching, to make sure your writing is clear and concise, cohesive and flows just right -  and connects to your ideal audience. We'll get you all the way together. No worries, friend. 

Can You Really Guarantee My Book Will Be A Bestseller?

Yep. But that is an option you can choose to invest in, or not. We will work with you to achieve goals that give you the credibility you're looking for with a bestseller status, or in other ways if you so choose! Regardless - our aim is to create a platform that is magnetic, and worthy of showcasing your purpose. 

How Do Royalties And Copy Rights Work?

We have taken the time and leveraged our experience to create a comprehensive contract that irons all of that out in black and white. Whether you're a solo project concerned with using a piece of art you're unsure of, or a group project looking to properly distribute earnings or rights to material - it's all there in the contracts made specially for your project. 


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