Widow Sisters, We've Got Your ROADMAP.

Widow Life Coaching That's Broken Down Into COURSES.


We've created bite sized, on-the-go  programs that literally walk you through specific (and realistic!) "HOW's" of :

  • Parenting Grieving Kids
  • Discovering Your TRUE “After-Wife” Identity 
  • Rebuilding Your LIFE
  • Finding Your Purpose + Passion
  • Much More. #WidowLife

You've seen what you CAN'T control

on this journey…let us show you what you CAN .  

As Seen On: 

I was hesitant to enroll because I was sure that eventually I would “Come out of the grief haze”. I was sure the guy I was dating would make me feel whole again and I could just move on. I was wrong. When I finally enrolled in the program it showed me how to build ME so that no matter what mess or moment I find myself in, I can depend on ME, my CORE VALUES and my purpose to rev me back up, remind me who I am and what I can do, and keep me feeling the most ME I've ever been. Thank you so much.

S. Johnson - Widowed 3 years

How It Works

  • The Mission

    The Mission

  • The HOW

    The HOW



What's The First Step?

Bounce Back Academy has several different classes and courses that you can choose from, depending on what your particular struggles are, and what your "best" support system plan will look like. That is why we have every client apply for a 1:1 FREE consult call FIRST. We want to be sure you're ready to work with us, and understand fully what YOUR #BestLife goals look like so that we can help you get there. Apply For Your FREE Widow2Widow Consult Call Today!

I tried everything I could think of to reinvent myself on my own. It was crazy, I ran across this ad on facebook – and I was skeptical at first ( because I tried self help books, grief conferences and women empowerment seminars and all that) but THIS course showed me what I really needed – which was WHERE to start, specifically in MY situation and how to keep myself motivated in the middle of REAL grief life.”

W. Lovelace - Widowed 2 years

Meet Our Team

Maya Tyler

Founder + Recovery Strategist Coach


Clarity + Transformation Coach

TIA Dubose

Financial Planning + Management Team Lead

Looking For Our Facebook Community?

Finding #NextYOU was created to help widowed moms who are finding their way through the last of the grieving stages, have moved past the roughest emotional parts, and are READY to really DIG IN and GRAB this next chapter of life by the horns.

The goal is to provide widowed moms with the resources, tools, networks and skills they need THRIVE - so that we can all heal, grow, and build a new “normal” that we actually WANT to be in, all while supporting our grieving children - teaching them to be able to do the same when dramatic life changes happen. We coach LIVE, we MEETUP and we are a COMMUNITY. Join us today!

Is Widow Coaching For YOU? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

We absolutely get the concerns you might have about whether this would work for you, help your particular struggle area, or meets your schedule (or personal budget!) needs. We've Got You Covered. Take the quiz and find out!


I'm not a mom, but I am a widow. is this for me, too?

Yes. Yes. YES!!! You have mostly the SAME ISSUES moms have - the only thing missing is the kids!! You still have emotional unpacking to do, you still can be overwhelmed with things you aren't sure how to do alone, you still have financial woes - and you STILL need to figure out your PURPOSE and HOW you're going to find YOU now, after loss. Yes, girl. You are welcome here too. <3

I'm a solo parent now - how will i have time for coaching/courses?

We Get it. You have less quality time to yourself if you're a solo mom now. But you also know that you MAKE time for what you really NEED. Do you really need help? With Parenting? Healing? Motivation? Organization? You know better than most - now more than ever -  how much every day COUNTS. The days are going to pass regardless. If what you're currently doing with each day ahead of you, and what you've done with the days behind you - isn't getting you where you want to be... maybe you need a new plan. <3 We can help with that.


I'm a brand new widow. is this for me, too?

Not if you're not ready to get up, take action and move forward. There are many stages of grief, and if you haven't allowed yourself time to heal - you need that. No shame in letting yourself have that time to not necessarily have to be Captain Supermom... yet. Moving forward wont (easily) happen until you do. But when you're ready...I'm here!!!

What if i feel selfish, creating a "Next Me" when its not just about me...?

I get it. Believe me. I'm a mom of 3. But, you know that old airplane oxygen mask reference? "You Gotta SAVE you before you can SAVE the rest of your world". Taking care of you IS taking care of them - Because if you cant - Who else will?
Invest in yourself.