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Official Release Date: August 18, 2022

About The Contributing Author

Kristin Bethune

CEO and founder of Aspire To Be The Real You LLC, author, speaker and podcaster.
Kristin was born in Richmond Va. She received her BS in Health Sciences from Kaplan
University and later earning her official life coaching certification in 2019. Her mission is to aid widows who are struggling with identity crisis find their way out of the wilderness and get back on track to discovering “The Real You.”

 Kristin is known for her podcast “Her Widow Wisdom” which can be found on most major podcast platforms. She is also known for her book, “After The Loss, My New Life Journey” and also her writing prompt journal titled “Aspire To Be The Real You, His Will My Journey.” Both her book and journal take you on this journey of loss and self-discovery. She has been seen on the television network The CW speaking about life after loss and what that looks like for her and how you to can get back on track. You can follow her on Facebook and IG @the_healing_widow.

While Kristin is a full-time mom and entrepreneur, she is also enjoys writing, reading, spending time with family and friends and connecting with new widow sisters. Kristin currently resides in Richmond with her son and daughter.

About The Anthology

We've all heard the "tragedy to triumph" stories of people from all walks of life, how they suffered unimaginable pain and setbacks; only to magically rise up and change their lives for the better.

In widowhood - we see the same stories. People who turned their "pain into purpose" and bounced back - moving forward with new joys, new loves, and a renewed outlook on their next chapters of life.

What we don't hear about - is the TRUTH about "bouncing back"...

In this real and raw collection, 10 Christian women from different backgrounds, ages, and stages of widowhood reveal their journeys of self discovery, and uncover the very unexpected truth about 'bouncing back'.

This encouraging compilation aims to connect to widowed people in the midst of their healing, and offers enlightenment and kinship in the journey of consistently (repeatedly!) bouncing back after spousal loss.

...When you come face to face with life-altering circumstances it can leave you wondering “what do I do now” and “who in the world am I?'' You were on a particular path going in one direction thinking “Okay this is me. This is what I am supposed to be doing.” And then BAM! something happens that changes the whole trajectory of your life.

- Excerpt, Chapter 1 : "Nah, Who Am I Really? Identity: The Crisis of Finding Who Christ Is…"

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