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Official Release Date: August 18, 2022

About The Contributing Author

Wanda Hall

Known in her local community as spoken word artist, Wanda Hall grew up in Charles County, MD. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and went on to complete a Master’s degree in forensic psychology at Argosy University. She continues to advance her knowledge by completing various writing courses.

By becoming a widow at such a young age Wanda has been empowered to mentor other widows and she plans to do so utilizing the Widows Do Bounce Back platform. Furthermore, Wanda has performed poetry at local churches, individual private events, and open mic events in professional settings like Busboys and Poets, but also loves her intimate church functions.

Wanda is employed fulltime as an Intelligence Analyst and has worked in this field for approximately 8 years. When Wanda is not working she enjoys writing, shopping, and spending time with her son, Poet. You can catch Wanda on Instagram at @transformed_heart.

About The Anthology

We've all heard the "tragedy to triumph" stories of people from all walks of life, how they suffered unimaginable pain and setbacks; only to magically rise up and change their lives for the better.

In widowhood - we see the same stories. People who turned their "pain into purpose" and bounced back - moving forward with new joys, new loves, and a renewed outlook on their next chapters of life.

What we don't hear about - is the TRUTH about "bouncing back"...

In this real and raw collection, 10 Christian women from different backgrounds, ages, and stages of widowhood reveal their journeys of self discovery, and uncover the very unexpected truth about 'bouncing back'.

 This encouraging compilation aims to connect to widowed people in the midst of their healing, and offers enlightenment and kinship in the journey of consistently (repeatedly!) bouncing back after spousal loss.

...Why did you have to transition eight days before our special gift entered the world?! That thought has caused me to hit a wall, more than once, but my bounce back is continuous - and so I deal with it, my way, every time it comes...

- Excerpt, Chapter 2: "New Momin’ On My Own..."

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