Every Transformation 

Has An AMAZING Story Behind It.

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"Your Story Can Heal + Inspire. Let's Deliver It To The WORLD!"           

              -  Bestselling Author Maya W. Tyler

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You missed out!

"So -

Why haven't you written your book yet?"

You've probably started a blog about your widowhood, grief, or tragedy to triumph journey, spoken at your church, maybe even told your story to audiences large and small - and your story of survival, healing and transformation is nothing short of AMAZING.

People keep telling youOMG - YOU need to write a BOOK!

Your Problem?

  • You don't know HOW - or Where to START   
  • You want to know HOW to publish and PROFIT with No Marketing Team
  • You want to publish with NO Complex DIY … and NO Big Publisher
  • You want a GUARANTEE It Would Be Successful, so you don't waste precious TIME + EFFORT  
  • You want to Leverage This Book to change Hearts and minds and Accomplish MORE than just SALES!

Welcome. You're In The RIGHT PLACE.




  With the Purpose2Platform Anthology Program, we team you up with other widows, like you, who have dreamed of writing a book. Each of you write your ONE chapter length story. 

We edit it, package it, and publish it - apply our magic to propel it to Best Seller... and viola! You're a best selling author, now properly and effectively positioned as THE expert your audience and sponsors need to create your platform the RIGHT way - We Guarantee It. 

Here’s What You’ll Get :

We want YOU to succeed!! So we put into this program, absolutely EVERYTHING we've actually used (and then some!) to write, market and sell your book - and BEGIN your journey as a BEST SELLING AUTHOR - in 90 days.

Phase 1

Writing, Editing + Done For You Publishing

Guidebook + Bi Weekly Group Coaching  Learn how to write a compelling anthology story of 1500 words even if you aren’t sure what to write about or how to word it! ($997 value)

Done-For-You Professional Publishing with your name listed on the back of the book & on Amazon - All editing, formatting, layout professionally done once you finish writing. ($2,000 value)

Phase 2

Done FOR You Marketing Materials

Books To Sell Receive 10 free copies of the paperback book for resale after the book is published. ($250 value)

Done for you landing page to market and sell the paperback so no tech required ($197 value)

phase 3

Pre- Launch + Launch Sales

Done-With-You Pre-Launch Coaching:  Bi Weekly Coaching to Learn Exactly How to Earn Income immediately before the book is published ($997 value)

Plug & Play Book Promotion Templates. Plug and play so you will always know what to say to sell and promote off and online. ($97 value)

Done for you Author Marketing Graphics to promote the book on Social Media  ($197 value)

phase 4

Post Launch Support + Training

Once You Hit #1 Bestseller: Done For You Marketing Content Created for you to showcase your self and your book as a #1 bestselling author! ($197 value)

Increase your credibility with an Author Profile on Amazon listing the book, your picture, bio, and blog if you have one. ($49 value)

Your Visionary Author

Maya Dionne Tyler

CEO of Widows Do Bounce Back, LLC, Bestselling Author, and speaker, Maya Tyler, was born in Takoma Park, Maryland. She received her BS in Information Systems from Virginia State University and completed English and writing courses at the University of Connecticut. She received her official life coaching certificate in 2019, and is currently continuing her education in the subject of clinical mental health. 

Her mission is to help widowed people like herself “create, financially support, and execute a plan to bounce back, raise healthy children, and find happiness after spousal loss”. She is known to ask the thought provoking question, inspired by her late mentor, Susan W. Bernstein - “Who Is #NEXTYOU?”

While she works full time as a course instructor and widow life-coach, Maya also enjoys Yoga, YA fiction, and beach time with her mom. She currently lives in Maryland with her two boys, partner Danny, and their new baby girl, Aria.


JOIN The Private Community

Private Community of Co-Authors for collaboration and networking ($250 value)

Here is where we record all group trainings, meetings, and upload all your marketing materials. Everything is in one place, and any meeting you may have missed - it's right here!

Get SEEN + Heard, #Purpose2Platform*

Your name included in a press release! Get Seen in Fox, CBS, and more Media outlets ($400 value)

Get Seen on Billboards in YOUR home state! ($500 value)

What makes us different?

We're putting EVERYTHING you need into ONE package.


If you were to look up this SAME program (with MUCH less included, might we add!) and the AVERAGE cost for a company to help you write, edit, publish, market, and even have a SHOT at creating a Best Seller - is over $15,000.

 For Widows, We can do better than that. 

Widowed people need more support, resources, and advocacy than ever - and we are dedicated to positioning our widowed sisters and brothers to launch the platforms our community NEEDS - and we are not afraid to put in the WORK it takes to help get them there. 

Best Seller Status, Real World Price.

We're widows too, and our pricing reflects just that.

Here's our upfront and clear price - no "call us and see", surprise amounts here!

Choose the payment that works best for you!


  • Guided Writing + Editing Support
  • Done FOR You Publishing + Book Design
  • Pre- Launch Marketing Training + 10 Free Copies 
  • Post Launch Marketing Materials + Support


  • Private Community Collab Group 
  • 2 Training Vids For Future Projects
  • *Visibility BOOST : FOX, CBS Press Release / BE ON A BILLBOARD in ATL, GA! 
money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If this book does NOT make Best Seller on Amazon - you will receive a refund of your money. Period! 


Will I REALLY become a bestselling author?

Definitely. This book is guaranteed to be a bestseller and you will absolutely get to call yourself Bestselling Author, no BS. :) 

How Do I Get Paid If I'm Not The Only Author?

You will get paid by selling the paperback from your done for you website. The book will be priced so that you can easily make back your investment - with no royalties or dividends to pay a publisher or Amazon! #WidowPreneurMoves

When will the book be published?

Pre Launch is July 2022, Formal Launch is September 2022!

What is the book called?

And Then, She Bounced Back Better! 

Tell Your Story.

Position Your Platform. Ignite Your Purpose!

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