Is Widow Coaching Right For YOU?

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Is having a WIDOW COACH right for you?

Answer these 5 questions to begin your journey, asking yourself whether a widow coach is right for your next steps forward!

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If you had a blueprint to guide you to your BEST case scenario after loss - would you be able to COMMIT to it?

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Have you already had some form of counseling, and either feel you didnt connect, or just want MORE; specifically with widowhood?

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I want coaching because I believe it is:

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Coaching To Me is:

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I just need someone who will:

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K. Elwyn

Widowed 14 mos

“Easy to follow, fun to create my own map, nice to talk to someone who really GOT me and what I was going thru –For the money, this was an awesome resource I think ALL widows NEED. Thank You!!”

What You’ll Get During

This Free Consultation Call

Let Me Guess : You’re free falling, on auto pilot and feel like you’re stuck living out the aftermath of spousal loss…Your kids are struggling and you want to help them but have no idea how to help them navigate the one hurt you can't fix…You have a Mountain of financial decisions to make, and no clear plan on how you’re going to support yourself and your children ( or save for college!)…

You got info OVERLOAD with the support groups, charities, checklists, and meetups. Everyone’s trying to get you “back in the game” on and offline …you just want to be in control again, and not need all this “help”… but where to start?!

Maya Tyler + Vioree Brandon

Certified Widow Coaches

Recovery Strategy + Transformational Coaching


What You’ll Do Before the Call

You will receive a special video, outlining everything you need for the call and why.

What Happens During the Call 

One of our certified coaches will listen to what your biggest struggle is, and present you with our tried and tested solutions. If we have a solution that excites you - we will move forward with how we can work together. 

What Changes After the Call

After the call, if we have decided we are a good fit to work together, the  next steps will be shared with you. If not, you are welcome to try out our free online community. 

Why These Widowed Women Recommend Having a

 Free Consultation Call

m. Jones

Widowed 1 year

"It helped me put into perspective what I really needed help with, and what my expectation from coaching could realistically be. That's key because you need to know where to START in this whole "moving forward" thing. I'm glad they were able to present me with focused action plans before I paid a dime."

aJa J.

Widowed 8 years

"I wanted to know the prices of the programs. Point blank. And they explained each one, no beating around the bush. I appreciated that!"

S. Hutchinson

Widowed 2 years

"It was nice to know there was specific coaching in the area I'm struggling with, and that there was choice between a structured program or freestyle coaching - and I could choose what suited MY learning style best."

Dawn p.

Widowed 4 years

"I was happy to learn there were group AND individual programs. I'm a group learner, I so far I love the motivation of my group!"

J. anderson

Widowed 1 year

"I got to ask questions and get real answers from a person, not try to go off website promos and guess work. Advertisement is great- but I needed to really see for myself from a real human what I was getting for my money."

o. hinton

Widowed 3 years

"Personally, I felt the conversation was the best part. MY issue with therapy was that I just didn't connect with a person that hadn't been through widowhood at all - and the coaches here HAVE. That made the conversation SO much more of a BREAKTHROUGH for me, and I was sold from that point. I don't regret a thing. This has been amazing!"

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